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Want some skin care samples? Christie Brinley wants to give you some!

Christey Brinkley’s Skincare is giving out free samples of skin care products! It doesn’t say where exactly it’s available, but it does say “state/province” on the sign up form (but doesn’t ask for country) so hopefully it’s available in more than one country. I signed up from the US and it worked, so I know it works here.

Poise Hourglass Pads

Need a free sample of Poise pads? They’re for bladder leakage. I thought they were for that other thing. It goes to show you all I am very informed. I totally pay attention. Oh well, I already ordered the sample. I’d donate it, but I’m not sure that’s something you can donate anywhere. Can you? Unused of course. Ah well, I’ll find some use for it.

Tena Underwear

Walmart has a free sample of Tena Underwear. It’s discreet protective underwear. Go here to get it!