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Sweepstakes I entered today

This post will be updated if I need to add more instead of making a new post. Today I entered to following sweepstakes:

Daily Sweeps:

Kraft Sweepstakes (not sure if it’s called “make it snacktastic” or if thats a slogan)

Lee Jeans Spin to Win

Sherwin Williams and My Lifetime – Make the Most of Your Color Instant win

Clorox Seasons of White

Oreck – Clean Up Right

Footlocker Daily Sweeps

Eastbay Daily Sweeps Daily Sweeps

Transform Your Treat

CVS Beauty Club Sweeps

Dell Flip Your Lid

Goodies for Ghouls

One-time entries:

Good Cook Giveaway USA Mystery Suitcase

Once a month entries:



Sorry I didn’t post today

I should have posted earlier today, but I didn’t because I spent most of my time looking for sweepstakes. And guess what? I won one! I won a $25 macy’s gift card!!! I played their instant win game and won! I spent another portion of my day online looking for what to spend it on. Guess what? I found a birthday gift for my mom 😀 Only cost me about $6.50 or so after the gift card was deducted, and that includes taxes and s&h! Want to see it? Go here, or go here to enter yourself!

Bissell Rewards System

This is pretty cool. Ever wanted discounts on Bissell products? Join their website and you can! Here’s how it works: You join the website, you get points. You fill out a profile, you get more points. You buy Bissell products, you get still more points. You participate in the community discussions, you get even more points! What can you do with these points? Well, its not quite like other programs, where you spend points. With the points you get from Bissell you get put into a category and your benefits depend on which category you’re in. If you get over 100 points, you can get a 10% discount on Bissell products! Check it out!