For savings, samples and sweepstakes!

Mead Money Madness

Ever buy Mead products? They’re awesome, and until March 30th 2012 you can get rewarded for it! Just go to Mead Money Madness, sign up and you’ll get 1,000 points! That’s enough to redeem for something already! Go check it out!


Here’s a printable coupon for $1 off Newman’s Own Thin and Crispy Pizza. I didn’t know they made this, I’m going to have to try it! I hope I can print more than one, I have a big family to serve this to!

Christey Brinkley’s Skincare is giving out free samples of skin care products! It doesn’t say where exactly it’s available, but it does say “state/province” on the sign up form (but doesn’t ask for country) so hopefully it’s available in more than one country. I signed up from the US and it worked, so I know it works here.

Hormel’s got an instant win game going on where you could win a 3D HDTV! Simply go here, register and play the game! Open only to US residents. You can also get coupons from Hormel! Just go here. I love their chili!!

Please note: You do have to register with Hormel in order to print the coupons.

Instant win game:


Want to get coupon alerts and a magazine subscription from Clairol for free? You can! And you don’t even have to sign up with one of those “complete x amount of offers for your subscription” sites! Just go here, sign up with Clairol and you’ll get the magazine (though it may take a week for your membership to go through) Now if only I could get Clairol to make blue hair dye….

Check out Aquafresh’s savings section for tons of coupons for their products. Ok not tons, but a lot for a manufacturer.

Check it out!

This is pretty cool. Ever wanted discounts on Bissell products? Join their website and you can! Here’s how it works: You join the website, you get points. You fill out a profile, you get more points. You buy Bissell products, you get still more points. You participate in the community discussions, you get even more points! What can you do with these points? Well, its not quite like other programs, where you spend points. With the points you get from Bissell you get put into a category and your benefits depend on which category you’re in. If you get over 100 points, you can get a 10% discount on Bissell products! Check it out!